SP Balance Scalp Mask for Sensitive Scalps


Get silky smooth hair with the SP Balance Scalp Mask For Sensitive Scalps (200ml). This bisabolol scalp mask maintains the scalp’s protective barrier to prevent redness and dryness. It is a soothing mask that calms irritated and itching scalp. The SP scalp mask is also a hair-strengthening mask that provides strong hair roots.

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Our scalp mask is enriched with a blend of natural, soothing ingredients that work in harmony to alleviate discomfort, itching, and redness often associated with sensitive scalps. Formulated with botanical extracts like aloe vera, chamomile, and lavender, it replenishes and calms the skin, offering a profound sense of relief and comfort.

Not only does the SP Balance Scalp Mask provide immediate soothing effects, but it also promotes a healthy scalp environment. It nourishes the roots, strengthens the hair follicles, and helps prevent dryness and flakiness. With regular use, you’ll notice improved hair texture and manageability.

This product is free from harsh chemicals and sulfates, ensuring that it is gentle on your scalp and hair. Its lightweight, non-greasy formula is easy to apply and rinses out effortlessly, leaving your scalp feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Say goodbye to scalp sensitivity and hello to a balanced, calm, and healthy scalp with our “SP Balance Scalp Mask for Sensitive Scalps.” It’s the perfect addition to your hair care routine for a truly luxurious and soothing experience.


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